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About Huamao Singapore

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Huamao Agencies

Huamao is a health focused company that has been in business for over fifty years. The main focus for Huamao has been to produce and market traditional and healthy tonics that has helped Singaporean families live with better health.

Huamao Difference!

Huamao’s unique selling proposition have been their intensive effort in research and development of traditional medicines that are found naturally.

Huamao have a team of diet specialists that focus on studying the ingredients and its effects on the human body.

Natural elements found in nature are taken and they are processed for consumption. All of Huamao’s products adhere to high quality international standards like HACCP and GMP.

The job of the diet specialists do not end by just picking the ingredients, but their inputs are carried through the entire production process. The process includes material selection and then it goes for processing, post which the manufacturing begins and the final stage is packaging.

The diet specialists also strictly supervise the packaging process to make sure, the final product is the best.

Huamao's Product Range

Huamao sells a variety of products such as Black Fish Essence, Chicken Essence, Aromatherapy Oils, Bird’s Nest Drink, Honey and much more.

The ingredients for each of these products are hand picked by diet experts in China and Malaysia.

Huamao, apart from carrying their own product range, they carry the products of other authentic brands such as Honey New Zealand among others.

Huamao's Brands

Huamao’s own brands include the iconic POLLENEY® and SONGSHAN® that are popular in every household in Singapore and Malaysia. Their other brands are Mountpine and Yang Cheng.

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Huamao's Vision

The brands of Huamao are set to grow in other ASEAN markets such as Indonesia and Brunei among other countries. Their focus is on creating high quality products that is premium and safe that will help in the betterment of families across the world.